Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of welding does your shop perform?

Hodges Welding and Fabrication is a full-service machine and metal fabrication shop with an expert team of welders, fabricators, and machinists. The team selects the most appropriate process based on the particular job and metal or material used. There are many, many types of welding processes and one of the most common processes is arc welding. Arc welding uses a power supply and electrodes to form a welding arc between the electrode and the material being welded (usually metal to metal). In plain English, the welding process fuses the materials together. Routine arc welding processes employed by Hodges Welding and Fabrication are Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). 

What can your shop fabricate, repair, or modify?

Hodges Welding and Fabrication is a full-service machine, fabrication, and welding shop. We take your ideas and concepts, with or without mechanical drawings, and determine the best  approach to make your custom piece affordable and functional. Fox Hodges apprenticed as a model and pattern maker and has experience working with all types of metals (e.g., steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, exotic metals), as well as woods, composites, and plastics. The shop also does a myriad of repairs and modifications to existing products. Check out our Photo Gallery to see samples of work completed by Hodges Welding and Fabrication!

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If I have an idea for a custom piece, do I have to have a drawing?

Drawings are always helpful but not required. Fox Hodges and Hodges Welding and Fabrication work with customers who have ideas, visions, and dreams and help them make their ideas become reality.  If you have an idea or concept, contact Fox Hodges with Hodges Welding and Fabrication for an initial consult to see if the shop can help you make your dreams a reality.

Is there anything HWF will not fabricate, repair, or modify?

Hodges Welding and Fabrication will not fabricate, repair, or modify parts which are critical to the operation of an automobile, airplane, or boat. Insurance restricts such fabrication. However, the shop can fabricate, repair, and modify items like T-towers, boat railings, bow rails, running boards, trailers and hitches, and the like. Contact Fox Hodges at Hodges Welding and Fabrication to see how he (and his shop) can help you with such projects.

How much will it cost to fabricated, repair, or modify my project?

Our standard shop rate is $100/hour.  However, because each project is custom, a “one size/one price fits all” approach does not work. The cost of a custom fabrication job depends on the complexity of the project, the type of metal or products to be used in the creation of the product, if the product is already available in the shop, and the amount of time and resources required to complete the project. With any custom fabrication job, the customer will receive an estimate or proposal before the shop will begin work. Further, Hodges Welding and Fabrication may require a 50% down payment (to cover cost of products and labor) before any work will begin. An initial meeting about your idea will cost you nothing. Therefore, contact Fox Hodges and Hodges Welding and Fabrication to discuss your ideas and concepts to see if a custom approach is your best avenue.

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